Brian's Short Stories

Brain Dump

Charles Redstart had it all - a successful Harley Street practice, a rich wife, two children and a lifestyle envied by many. However, his experiments using computers in psychiatry would have catastrophic effects on himself and on those whose paths he crossed.

Changed Identities

An overplayed hand at an IT contractors' night out leads to disastrous consequences.

On Channel

An early-morning copy on his CB radio seemed quite normal to Dave Richardson but things weren't all they appeared to be.

The Cheeky Chappie

George Palmer was a middle-aged manager made redundant from the entertainment industry. A stranger's amusing mistake led to George making new friends and a new life.

The Commuter

Jack Harman had been a commuter for most of his working life but within a few weeks he'd reluctantly be retiring. Whatever else he was expecting, he certainly never expected to get such VIP treatment on the Central Line.

The Lady with the Bottle

How an early 19th Century clergyman and his wife dispensed unconventional spiritual comfort to Wellington's army.

The Model Wife

Not long after starting a job with a high-tech company in Florida, Tony Anderson met the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, his happiness wasn't to last very long.

The New Agent

The arrival of a new 'face' in the murky world of espionage causes consternation among the ground-level operatives of the world's intelligence services.

The Salesman

In the late 1940s an export salesman for a radio set manufacturer reflects on his success and his background.

The Surprise

Peter Fry thought he'd surprise his wife with a luxury day out. But in doing so, he got the surprise of his life.

The Woman in Grey

Orphaned at birth, Matthew Perkins made good his bad start in life. Exemplary military service was followed by marriage, a family and a responsible job on the railways. But who was the mysterious woman that blighted his night shifts?

Vina Cava

The predictable routine of a winery in north-eastern Spain is disrupted by the arrival of a young Australian grape picker. By the time she departs, old scores are settled, death occurs and kinship comes to light.