Karen's Been To Iceland!

A personal photo-record of the 2003 Iceland Hiking Challenge

in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief

Karen - departure
Wish me luck...

Leaving the frozen food shopping to her Mum, Karen really has been to Iceland - taking part in the 2003 Iceland Hiking Challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief. To qualify she had to pledge to raise a minimum of ú2,000 in sponsorship.

The bulk of her sponsorship came from donations made by our wider family and friends old and new, plus some welcome additions from strangers - in the nicest possible sense, of course! Further funds were raised from the sale of donated goods via table and car boot sales, plus Internet auctions. We have been touched by the generosity of bidders at home and abroad who sent additional sums when they learned that their items had been auctioned for such a worthy cause.

Events such as these can never have too much publicity so we'd be very grateful if you would bring Karen's venture to the attention of as many people as possible. Macmillan has an annual programme of sponsorship events such as this - why not consider taking up the challenge?

Here is a selection from the 100+ photos taken by Karen on her trip. Please click on the pictures to display a full-size image.

Gentle(!) Sunday afternoon stroll up Mount Hekla. On Monday morning we set off from Landmannahellir reaching the spectacular lakes of Dˇmadalshraun. How do we get down from here? The last long climb before reaching the welcome campsite at Landmannalaugar and its natural hot springs.
Beautiful views around the campsite at ┴lftavatn lake. ┴lftavatn valley. View of Kaldaklofkvisl river. Another view of Kaldaklofkvisl river.
Deep canyon of the Markarfljˇt river. 5am - rain and sparse vegetation. Distant view of Markarfljˇt canyon. View of Markarfljˇt canyon.
Another view of Markarfljˇt canyon. Described by some as 'the most beautiful campsite in the world', glacial views from ١rsm÷rk valley. Hidden valley near the Krossa river. Amanda and Karen at the mighty Eřjafjallaj÷kull glacier.
Hooray, we've made it! The spectacular Seljalandsfoss waterfall on the return journey to ReykjavÝk. Saturday afternoon in ReykjavÝk. Been there, done that...