Our Family Album

1. Early Days

This photo of Brian with his Mum and Dad was his first, taken in an East London studio at 4 months old.

Brian, Mum and Dad - first photo

Brian and Mum - second photo

This hand-coloured photo of Brian and his Mum was taken in Albert Gardens, Stepney, London at 6 months old. Yes, he's always been a big boy!

We don't have many pictures from our childhood and teens. If others come to light we'll include them later. Here's what we've got.

Brian - Cub Brian - Walberswick Brian - Passport

Left: leadership potential at 10 years old! Those stripes are surely pointing to a management career.
Middle: Trying to look nautical at Walberswick, Suffolk. The strides are a tad short, aren't they?
Right: First passport photo: why, if it isn't Surfer Joe!

Brian - Duncan's

Posing as Doctor Kildare outside Duncan's Pharmacy in Manor Park, London. It's just as well he switched to a computer career - he might have poisoned the entire neighbourhood!

Eileen - passport 1 Eileen - passport 2 Eileen - passport 3

Three early passport photos of Eileen.

2. Together

Brian & Eileen - wedding

We'd only just begun; white lace and promises...

Brian & Eileen - Tunisia Brian - party Eileen - party

Left: eight miles high in Tunisia. Middle and Right: dressed to party!

Eileen - portrait Brian - Spitfire

Left: quite a nice portrait. Right: Spitfire pilot

An early '70s fashion pose outside our first home at Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex.

Eileen - pose

3. Karen Charlotte

Karen - portrait

Born 6.30am on 22 December 1972, this young lady has dominated our lives ever since. Here are some photos of her earlier days, with Mum and Dad in supporting roles.

Karen - baby Brian & Karen Karen
Brian & Karen Brian & Karen Eileen & Karen

Karen has always been an animal lover, especially of horses and cats. The trawl through our 30+ photo albums to produce this condensed on-line album revealed countless visits to zoos and safari parks, plus almost every animal we ever kept.

Karen 77 1 Karen 77 2 Karen 77 3
Karen 78 Eileen & Karen Karen & Smokey

4. Radio Days

If Brian hadn't worked in IT he would have made a career in broadcasting. For many years he worked as a presenter on hospital radio stations and once co-presented a show aboard the QE2.

Brian - Radio Stortford Brian - QE2 Brian - Radio Notley

Left: at a Radio Stortford disco at the Herts. and Essex Hospital, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire.
Middle: Radio QE2 - assisting on the passenger request show aboard RMS Queen Elizabeth II.
Right: presenting the Sunday morning request show on Hospital Radio Notley, Black Notley, Essex.

5. Vacations

In 1981 we fulfilled a long-time ambition to cross the Atlantic in style - aboard the Cunard liner RMS Queen Elizabeth II.

Karen - QE2 Brian, Eileen & Karen - QE2 Eileen & Karen - NYC

Left: Karen is presented to Captain Doug Ridley.
Middle: caught by the camera before dinner.
Right: pretzels on 5th Avenue, New York City.

Karen & horses Brian & Eileen - Grossglockner Eileen & Karen - Salzburg

Left: Karen and friends after the hayride.
Middle: on the Grossglockner glacier.
Right: in Salzburg.

The mid-80s frequently saw us on vacation on Florida's Gulf Coast, particularly at our favourite resort, St. Petersburg Beach. These are some of the many of photos from that era, taken at the theme parks.

Karen 84 Brian & Eileen 84 Eileen & Karen 84 1
Karen 84 3 Eileen & Karen 84 2 Eileen & Karen 84 3

6. More Animals

Karen, Sam & Smokey Karen & Maxi Karen 84 4

Left: with Sam and Smokey. Middle: with Maxi the goat, plus playmates. Right: never smile...

7. At Home

These photos were taken in and around our previous home at Great Saling, Essex.

Eileen & Karen Brian Eileen & Karen
Karen Brian, Eileen and Karen Karen

8. Friends and Family

Eileen, Ted & Lily Eileen, Karen & Nichole Eileen & Karen
Eileen Karen Brian & Eileen

Eileen Brian & Eileen Eileen & Karen
Karen & Gemma Eileen Karen

Eileen Brian Brian & Lily
Brian, Eileen & Karen Brian & Andrew Brian, Eileen, Gemma & Nicholas

9. Mother and Daughter

Eileen & Karen 93 Eileen & Karen 97 1 Eileen & Karen 97 2

10. Fin de Siècle

Karen 91 Karen 95 Karen 97
Eileen & Karen 98 Brian & Eileen 98 Brian & Stratocaster

 Top row:  Karen at leisure.
Bottom row, Left and Middle: Visiting les Jardins de Valloires, Picardy, France; Right: In your dreams...


Brian, Eileen & Karen 00 Kinsale

On holiday at Kinsale, Ireland in 2000.

11. It Begins Again


12. Recent Times


Walking near Blaxhall, Suffolk

On holiday at Blaxhall, Suffolk in 2006.

13. The Future???

Who knows?  Whatever happens, it's a fair bet that Brian will record it, as long as he can aim a camera.