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A Cultural Guide To South Essex

Essex Man revisited.

Dispensing With Accuracy

My first job - as a pharmacy trainee.

Just Rewards - The Diary Of A Dispute

On the trials and tribulations of debt recovery.

Maintaining The Standard

My first car - a 1955 Standard 10.

Please, Just Say A Few Words

How a tongue-tied musician overcame his shyness.

Sauna (or Later)

No sweat, it's great fun!

Speaking Out

Why do we dread speaking in public? Don't worry, help is only an e-mail away!

Stewardship Worthy of the Nation's Trust

My work as a National Trust volunteer steward.

IT Contracting and Recruitment

A Contractor's Guide To HIV (Hints on InterViews)

IT Contractors are forever attending job interviews. This article might help them get the job.

"Financial Aspects of Freelancing"

If you're an IT Contractor (or thinking of becoming one) a copy of this book is an essential.

Interviews - Essentials Or Ego-Trips?

Reflections on the uses (and abuses) of job interviews.

Is There Life After Contracting?

What will you do when you can't face writing another line of code?

Recruitment - There Has To Be A Better Way

Suggestions on ways in which the process of staff recruitment can be improved.

Suppliers - Preferred By Whom?

This article takes the lid off the Preferred Supplier system and reveals a can of worms.

The Ideal CV

Don't let your CV fall at the first fence.

Toys For The Boys (And Girls)

IT Contractors and their money are soon parted, this article tells you how.

Whatever Happened To The FP2?

The prototype that laid the foundations of ICL's mainframe computer ranges for two decades - whatever happened to it?

Your CV - A Very Valuable Document

If you think your CV isn't worth the paper it's printed on, you're in for a surprise!